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  • The correct name of the warning triangle should be the warning triangle. The car warning triangle is a passive reflector made of plastic reflective material. When the driver encounters a sudden breakdown on the road for maintenance or an accident, use the triangle warning The reflective performance of the plate can remind other vehicles to take care to avoid secondary accidents.


  • In order to ensure our driving safety, cars often prepare some emergency tools. Have you prepared all the following?


  • Automobile safety hammer, also called multifunctional safety hammer. Refers to the tool used to smash the glass window of the car to escape in the event of an emergency or disaster. There are many brands of car safety hammers, with different functions and styles. The hammer body is made of plastic, wood, steel, etc., and the hammer heads are all metal heads.


  • Reflective vest is used as a safety warning and protection equipment, which is made of mesh cloth and ordinary plain cloth. The key is that the reflective material on the vest is a reflective lattice or high-brightness reflective fabric.


  • The warning triangle is easy to be ignored by car owners because of its small size and low frequency of use. In fact, it can play a huge role in protecting your personal safety. of course. It is necessary to master the standard use method to give full play to the warning triangle, so as to provide us with better protection.


  • Pick up the safety hammer and place the hammer on the four corners of the tempered glass. Don't hit the strongest middle part.