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  • If your car is in a green hill malfunction can't move, please be sure to put them in the accident on a slope or the slope is low, so as to alert the car to early, because the vehicle will have blind area in muscle, if you warning labels on the ramp, it is lost the function of alert after the car ahead. Therefore, remember to place warning signs at the bottom or top of the slope for downhill accidents.


  • In the daytime, the warning sign should be placed 50 meters behind the car on the general city ring road, and 150 meters behind the car if it is on the highway (about 200 paces for adults). If it's dark and a car breaks down on the city ring road, the warning sign should be placed 100 metres behind the car, and 250 metres on the highway (about 300 steps for an adult).


  • The correct name of the warning triangle should be the warning triangle. The car warning triangle is a passive reflector made of plastic reflective materials.


  • Reflective vest is a safety clothing that puts a reflective film on the surface of the clothing and is used for night or road work.


  • When you take a bus, you will see a lot of red hammers. In fact, these are safety hammers. In fact, whether it is a private car or a truck, is also necessary to equip a, after all, this is an emergency to save a life of tools ah. However, the placement is also quite important. Then where is the car safety hammer and how to fix it.


  • On urban roads, we should place the warning triangle 50 meters behind the car; if it is night, extend the distance to 150 meters. On the highway, the warning triangle should be placed 150 meters behind the car; at night, the distance should be extended to 250 meters.