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  • Traffic baton can be used for highway traffic, population concentration, as traffic evacuation command, its structure is made up of injection ABS handle switch, PCB circuit, LED light emitting diode and PC poly carbon tube, its compact structure, reasonable arrangement, at night 1000 meters away can see the light indication.


  • Generally speaking, the driver needs to go through a process of finding, clearly seeing the warning signal ahead, taking measures to brake, slow down and avoid when he finds the triangle warning sign in front of him. Taking a car going 100 km/h as an example, it normally requires a reaction time of at least 10.8 seconds or a distance of at least 350 meters. This requires the triangle to be highly reflective so that the driver can see it first.


  • The exact name of the warning triangle is the warning triangle for motor vehicles. The warning triangle for automobiles is a passive reflector made of plastic reflective materials. When the driver encounters a sudden breakdown on the road for maintenance or when an accident occurs, it can be used The reflective performance of the triangle warning sign can remind other vehicles to avoid giving way to avoid secondary accidents.


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  • The car emergency kit is a package of medical first aid equipment and medicines equipped on the vehicle. It can carry out self-rescue in the event of a traffic accident causing casualties and is one of the means to effectively reduce the number of traffic deaths.