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  • Many car owners do not know how to fold a tripod (also known as a warning triangle) after using it in an emergency. Let's see how to use a car tripod.


  • The role of warning triangle is to play a warning role, usually in the process of driving on the road, occasionally there will be a special situation of the vehicle, or break down, or trouble repair, or accident. To avoid a second accident, always place a rear warning triangle.


  • All staff of the company are adhering to the"sincere solidify,brave in exploitation,the innovation" spirit ."People-oriented, take the market as the guide, technology as backing,speed efficiency"as the management philosophy.Continuous exploration in the management to strengthen the internal scientific .


  • When putting out the fire, turn the extinguisher over and shake it several times, pull out the safety pin, hold the rubber hose (if there is one) within the effective distance from the fire, aim the nozzle at the root of the flame, press the pressure handle, push the water, pay attention to the dead Angle, so as not to reignite.


  • Reflective clothing Reflective vest is made of reflective materials embedded in the main parts of the clothing or vest for personal safety at night or in bad weather, better protection of workers in outdoor work.


  • The reflective part of the reflective clothing is made by the advanced technology of focusing post processing, using the crystal lattice of microrhomboid to produce refraction and the high refractive index of glass beads regression reflection principle.