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Drawing of warning triangle retracting method


Many car owners do not know how to fold a tripod (also known as a warning triangle) after using it in an emergency.  Let's see how to use a car tripod.  Storage method of triangle warning sign:  

1. Tripod has two movable edges, two movable edges are pulled out when using;  

2. Because both sides need to be fixed, of course, the ends of both sides are installed with buckles;  

3. Put the movable iron frame on the side of the iron frame, and put the warning triangle on the ground to stand up;  

4. Please follow the usage process when folding and storing.  Take back the movable iron frame in turn;  

5. Find the front button, push the button open, and fold the sides down one by one.  

6. Finally, put the warning triangle in the recycling bin.  

What to watch out for when using the warning triangle:  

Follow the restrictions of travel rules, the distance of warning signs is very important.  After failure or accident, the warning sign should be placed 50-100 meters behind the vehicle.  On expressways, warning signs should be set up 150 meters behind vehicles;  Such as  

In case of rain and fog, the setting distance of warning signs should be increased to 200 meters.