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Safety Hammer Must Be Placed On The Driver's Seat


The role of safety hammer

Mainly used for fire or car fell into the water and other emergency escape broken glass, handle the rear blade is used to cut off the seat belt to escape.

The current passenger car window glass are generally selected high hardness and strength of the plexiglass, it is difficult to break with fists or feet, in case of emergency passengers are difficult to break the window to escape. Therefore, now buses, especially air-conditioned cars on both sides of the car are generally equipped with 4 to 6 safety hammer. Safety hammer tip is a very strong diamond, Safety Hammer as long as the safety hammer against the window with a hard knock, the glass will turn into small pieces, such as the net-like fall, will not hurt people. Now the scope of use of automotive safety hammer has not only limited to cars, but also do outdoor wild, self-defense, life-saving tools.

Hammer is the main use of its conical tip, the tip of the contact area is small, Safety Hammer so when using a hammer to hit the glass, the pressure of the contact point of the glass is quite large, the principle with the thumbtack is a bit like, the film is easy Was punctured, and the car glass at this point by a large external force and produce a slight cracking, but for tempered glass, Safety Hammer a little bit of cracking means that the stress distribution within the glass has been damaged so that In spite of numerous spider web-like cracks, this time as long as gently hit a few seconds with a hammer can remove the glass fragments.

The corners and edges of toughened glass are the weakest. The best way is to use a safety hammer to beat the edges and corners of the glass, especially in the middle of the upper edge of the glass. Once the glass has cracks, you can knock a few more times.

Safety hammer must be placed on the driver's seat, Safety Hammer and is readily available to get places.

What is the role of safety hammer?

1, broken windows (in case of danger do not open the door when you can use it)

2, cut off the seat belt (some cars in the face of violent impact or airbag explosion will automatically lock the seat belt)

3, Safety Hammer can be put on the roof for warning lights

4, can be used as a flashlight