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Triangle Warning Signs Play A Huge Role In Safeguarding


the equilateral triangle is a fluorescent luminous surface, the outer equilateral triangle plastic optical reflective surface, which includes a triangular frame 3; ultrasonic welding on the triangular frame 3 of the three sides are positive, Warning Triangle Six plastic optical all-reflective sheets 1 on both sides; three fluorescent plates 2 inserted in narrow grooves on the inner side of the triangular frame 3 to form an inner triangular double-sided fluorescent surface; a counterweight support under the triangular frame 3 A plate 6; Warning Triangle hinged at the ends of the counterweight support plate 6 a total of four support rods 9; located in the middle of the counterweight support plate 6 narrow positioning insert block 4 is inserted in the support rod 7 fixed clamp; 6 with the above triangular frame 3 weight matching appropriate, placed on the road with good wind stability. Driver clearly visible triangular warning signs distance, night driving, the car headlight irradiation, more than 300 meters, more than 200 meters during the day. So that drivers have enough time and distance to take brakes and avoid measures to prevent the occurrence of a car accident.

Triangle warning signs are a safety gadget that is placed behind a car after the car breaks down or encounters unexpected problems.

Triangle warning signs are a safety gadget that is placed behind a car after the car breaks down or encounters unexpected problems. In fact, the use of this small triangular warning signs is really a lot of ways, Warning Triangle many owners have a blind spot on this gadget, especially in the end how to place the problem above, many people are ambiguous, free to display. Here to talk about the triangular warning signs in the end how to use!

First, the warning triangle is placed there?

At present, most of the models sold in China place triangular warning signs on the inner side of the trunk lid of the vehicle or under the trunk cover, and some are directly on the trunk. For the triangular warning signs in the trunk directly, I suggest that the warning sign shell be treated with Velcro, Warning Triangle so that it can be fixed on the trunk of the trunk not to run around, so that it can be used first Time to find.

Second, it should be placed in the car how many meters?

During the day in general city ring road warning signs should be set 50 meters behind the car, if the highway will have to set 150 meters behind the car (about adults 200 steps distance); in the evening, Warning Triangle the city The loop encounters a vehicle malfunction. The warning sign needs to be set 100 meters behind the car. On the expressway, it should be set at 250 meters (about 300 steps for adults). Note: You must turn on the dual flash at night! Run out of triangular cards back when the triangle to the back of the car to the direction to avoid accidents.

Third, place a good warning signs but also open double flash!

Place the triangular warning signs to remind the rear of the car in front of the vehicle parked on the roadside, please slow down; and open the double flashing lights to tell the rear to the car, Warning Triangle which one is the accident vehicle.

In "People's Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Law" also provides that, Warning Triangle in addition to the establishment of triangular warning signs, but also in accordance with the provisions of the danger to open the hazard warning flash at night should also open the silhouette lights and taillights.

to sum up

Triangle warning signs due to the smaller size, combined with the lower frequency of use, it is easy to ignore the owners. In fact, it can be a great safeguard for your personal safety when your vehicle breaks down on the road or can not be driven in an accident. Of course, Warning Triangle triangular warning signs are also not arbitrarily set up to find a position behind the car to set up, to grasp the norms of use can play its greatest role, so as to provide us with better protection.