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The Importance Of Triangle Warning Signs


The easy order of identification of different sign plates is: triangular, square, round. With a sharp angle of the triangle shape, although there can not be more to accommodate the shortcomings of image information, but he is most eye-catching and easy to identify, in order to take care of our past habits and to the majority of the national flag shape closer, select the triangle warning signs The

How many meters are the triangle warning signs to be placed in the car?

Day in the general city loop when the warning signs to stand in the car 50 meters after the place, if it is high-speed road will have to establish 150 meters in the car after the place (about 200 adult distance); if it is in the dark, The city ring road encountered a vehicle failure, the need to set the warning signs in the car 100 meters after the place, and in the highway will have to set in the 250 meters (about 300 steps away from adults).

When you use the triangle card to take back to the triangle warning signs back to the car to the accident, Warning Triangle to avoid accidents.

In the establishment of the triangle warning signs when you have to hold the warning signs in both hands, reflective outward, always the direction of the car to go, this is especially in the evening after the lights to the triangle on the reflection of the past to remind the car after the reminder, Warning Triangle Of course, after the accident you must be in the car to double flash warning lights open!

Please be sure to place the right distance in the corresponding lane where your vehicle is located. The role of the triangle warning sign is to remind the car that there is a traffic accident in front of the driveway. Do not dry out the kind of car out of the accident stopped in the middle of the road, but you put the warning logo on the most out or the innermost lane of the stupid thing.

If your car is unable to move on a slope, please be sure to put the warning on the top of the slope or low slope, so as to promptly notice the car after the early warning, because the vehicle driving on the slope will have a blind spot , If you put the warning logo on the ramp, the triangle warning sign is lost in advance to remind the car after the attention of the function. So keep in mind that the slope accident should place the warning sign on the bottom of the slope or the top of the slope.

Warning Triangle In the detour run accident to pay special attention, be sure to put the triangle warning signs on the road before you into the corner, because the detour driving driver if the driver does not pass through the roadside "convex mirror" is unable to see the front bend Road, so the triangle warning signs should be placed on the road before the corner of the road, told the vehicle slow down, to avoid the car can not be promptly prompted to lead to "second accident" occurred.