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The Use Of Safety Hammer Has The Tricks

Whether by bus, subway, or by car to go out, safety hammer, are the key moment to help you safely escape the "killer"! Summed up a number of commonly used safety hammer method ↓ ↓ key moment hammer risk, Safety Hammer the security left to the same car TA and their own! diffusion!

When the occurrence of rollovers, fire and other accidents, passengers trapped inside the car, you can use safety hammer to break the glass windows and doors to escape.

The correct use of safety hammers is: hand-held plastic handle, the sharp point of the head of the hammer vertical point of view against the window glass. In general, the middle of the most solid glass, Safety Hammer four corners and the edge is weak. Therefore, the use of safety hammer when you want to punch the four corners of the window and the edge, and then you can put the whole glass out of the window.

Proper use of safety hammer:

1, pick up the safety hammer, hammer the four corners of the tempered glass, Safety Hammer do not hit the middle part, the middle part of the most solid.

2, because some of the glass is a foil, Safety Hammer so the glass will not fall off immediately after the broken, we can kick with a kick open.

3, glass off after the timely and orderly jump out of the body, Safety Hammer transferred to a safe place.


1, the key is to use the safety hammer tip knocked four corners, knocking the middle is not enough.

2, the test, with the key, high heels heel (except metal heel) are not broken glass tempered.

Add: hit the glass with the safety of the four corners and edges, Safety Hammer and then the whole glass out of the window.

How to hit the glass:

One is knocking around the window, because the windows of the middle of the tempered glass the most solid, the four corners and the edge of the weakest, if the passengers hit the middle part of the window, the window damage is relatively small, breakthrough time is slow, is not conducive to passengers fast Fled

Second, in the window glass on the percussion, glass force surface is small, so can quickly break the glass. If you hit a hammer with a hammer, uneven force, tempered glass is not easy to break.