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The correct position to place the warning triangle

The simplest and most convenient way to place the warming triangle is to judge according to the column outline markers attached to both sides of the expressway or the 100m signs on facilities such as corrugated beam guardrail. The 100m sign is round, with a diameter of 10cm, white characters on green background, 5m high 100m digital characters and 1.8cm high kilometers. It is set between mileage signs on both sides of the expressway and set every 100m. Therefore, the driver can quickly determine the location of warning signs according to the 100m sign.

During the day, the warning triangle sign shall be erected 50 meters behind the vehicle in the general urban ring road. If it is a highway, it shall be combed 150 meters behind the vehicle (about 200 steps for adults); In case of vehicle failure on the urban ring road in the dark, the warning sign needs to be set at 100 meters behind the vehicle, while it needs to be set at 250 meters on the expressway (about 300 steps for adults).

The warning triangle shall be placed at the correct distance in the lane corresponding to the accident vehicle. If the vehicle fails and cannot move on a slope, the warning sign must be placed on the top or low slope of the accident, so as to prompt the rear vehicle to pay attention in advance. In case of accidents when driving on a curve, pay special attention. Be sure to place the triangular warning sign on the road before entering the curve, because if the driver does not pass through the "convex mirror" set up by the roadside after driving on a curve, he will not be able to see the curve ahead. Therefore, put the warning sign on the road surface before entering the curve to tell the vehicle to slow down, Avoid the occurrence of "secondary accident" caused by the rear vehicle can not be prompted in time.