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The importance of car emergency kit


The car emergency kit is a package of medical first aid equipment and medicines equipped on the vehicle. It can carry out self-rescue in the event of a traffic accident causing casualties and is one of the means to effectively reduce the number of traffic deaths. The car-mounted first aid kit mainly contains dressing supplies such as elastic headgear, snap-on tourniquets, elastic bandages, etc., sterile dressings such as gauze, bandages, disposable gloves, etc., and instruments and tools such as first aid scissors, medical tweezers, safety pins, and life-saving whistles.

According to the analysis of relevant persons, 80% of people dream of owning a car. The so-called pre-purchasing a car is safe first. Safety issues are absolutely an eternal topic, and there is no requirement in Chinese law that vehicles must be equipped with first aid kits. Many drivers do not equip their cars with first aid kits in order to save money. Life is dead. It is imperative for my country to equip vehicles with fire extinguishers and first aid kits. Chongqing City has stipulated that first aid kits must be compulsory for vehicles. First aid kit.

To prepare a first aid kit, you must first study the configuration in the first aid kit, understand the content of these configurations and how to use them. In the event of an emergency, self-help and mutual rescue must be carried out in an orderly manner.