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Where is warning triangle placed on the road?  


Where is it placed on the road? 

If your car is in a green hill malfunction can't move, please be sure to put them in the accident on a slope or the slope is low, so as to alert the car to early, because the vehicle will have blind area in muscle, if you warning labels on the ramp, it is lost the function of alert after the car ahead.  Therefore, remember to place warning signs at the bottom or top of the slope for downhill accidents. 

On curved road accident more pay special attention to, be sure to place them on the road before you into the corner, because after the detours driving car driver if you don't set up by the side of the road "convex mirror" is unable to see the front corner, so will put them into the curved road in front of the facade, inform the vehicle slow down,  To avoid the occurrence of "secondary accidents" caused by the rear car can not get prompt in time.