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How to place warning triangle correctly?


1. How many meters should be put in the back of the car? 

In the daytime, the warning sign should be placed 50 meters behind the car on the general city ring road, and 150 meters behind the car if it is on the highway (about 200 paces for adults).  If it's dark and a car breaks down on the city ring road, the warning sign should be placed 100 metres behind the car, and 250 metres on the highway (about 300 steps for an adult).  


The correct distance to place the warning triangle







City loop



Expressway; highway



After using the triangle card to take back the time to put the triangle card back to the car to avoid accidents. 

In the establishment of a warning triangle when you have to hold the warning signs, reflective outward, always go in the direction of the car, do so is especially in the evening after the lights to the triangle reflected in the past earlier reminder after the car attention to avoid, of course, after the accident you must turn on the double flashing warning lights in the car!