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How to fix the car safety hammer


When you take a bus, you will see a lot of red hammers. In fact, these are safety hammers. In fact, whether it is a private car or a truck, is also necessary to equip a, after all, this is an emergency to save a life of tools ah. However, the placement is also quite important. Then where is the car safety hammer and how to fix it.

 safety hammer

As a tool related to life safety, it is natural to put it in some places within easy reach, such as the door compartment, the central hand pillow-case, the passenger glove box or the top of the b-pillar in the car (with a booth) and so on. As for the safety hammer fixed method, in fact, there is no too many requirements, mainly put it smoothly. Of course, if your safety hammer has a mounting booth, just place it in the booth. Don't put it in the back row or in a hidden place stupidly. When the time comes, let alone hammer the glass, it is a little difficult to even take the safety hammer out.


It is worth mentioning that when we hammer the glass, do not hit the middle part, because this part is the most solid of the whole glass, which will naturally take you a lot of time. So, the best place for us to hammer is the four corners of tempered glass. Second, if the glass is coated, even if you have hammered a "spider web" crack, it will be difficult to break it. After all, the car film is anti-burst function, there is no certain external force is not falling off, then you need to force the glass kicked open.