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How many meters should the warning triangle be placed behind the car?


According to the "Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China", on regular roads, when a breakdown or a traffic accident occurs, the warning triangle should be placed 50 meters to 100 meters behind the vehicle; while on highways, Set up a warning sign 150 meters away from the back of the car. If it encounters rain or fog, the distance must be increased to 200 meters.


On urban roads, we should place the warning triangle 50 meters behind the car; if it is night, extend the distance to 150 meters. On the highway, the warning triangle should be placed 150 meters behind the car; at night, the distance should be extended to 250 meters.

 warning triangle

It is important to note that the warning triangle cannot be placed behind the side of the vehicle, and it cannot be placed too close. In the event of an accident, other objects cannot be used as the warning triangle, and the warning triangle cannot be held by hand.


If the warning triangle on your car is broken or not at all, it is recommended that you buy one as soon as possible. After a problem, its safety function cannot be ignored. After placing the warning sign, turn on the double flashing lights!


The warning triangle is placed to remind the car from the rear that there is a car parked on the side of the road, please slow down; and the double flashing lights are turned on to tell the car from the rear and which vehicle has the accident.