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Have you got all these emergency tools for cars?


In order to ensure our driving safety, cars often prepare some emergency tools. Have you prepared all the following?


Triangle warning sign. Triangle warning sign is a necessary emergency tool for onboard vehicles. When the vehicle breaks down on the road and it is difficult to move, we should not only turn on the hazard warning flash continuously, but also set warning signs in the direction of the incoming vehicle to extend the warning distance, so as to warn the incoming vehicles to avoid secondary injuries.

 emergency tools

Fire extinguisher. Needless to say, everyone knows the function of fire extinguishers. Although it is not clearly stipulated that small cars need to be equipped, it is better to buy and store them in the car, so as to be prepared. After all, you will often see the news of auto-ignition.


Tire changing kit. Tools involved in the tire changing kit mainly include jacks, wrenches and spare tires on the vehicle. However, changing tires is a hard work. If it's a boy, it shouldn't be a hassle if it's done properly. If it's a girl, it may have to be helped by a boy. If the speed of tire air leakage is slow, and it will not cause too much impact on driving, consider using an inflator to supplement the tire air and support it to the nearest repair shop for repair.


Take the wire. The wiring is mainly used to charge the battery. Before the wiring operation, the power supply vehicle must be turned off. Confirm the positive and negative poles of the batteries of the two cars first when wiring, and pay attention not to let the positive and negative poles contact with each other during wiring, otherwise there is a risk of short circuit, and then start the power supply car to charge after wiring.