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Small knowledge of car safety hammer


Automobile safety hammer, also called multifunctional safety hammer. Refers to the tool used to smash the glass window of the car to escape in the event of an emergency or disaster. There are many brands of car safety hammers, with different functions and styles. The hammer body is made of plastic, wood, steel, etc., and the hammer heads are all metal heads.


When the car is in danger, whether it is overturning or falling into the water, it is particularly important for the people in the car to escape from the car as soon as possible. The fastest way to escape is to use a car safety hammer to hit the window glass of the car to escape. But many people lack understanding of the use of car safety hammers. Generally, thicker tempered glass is used in cars. The principle of tempered glass is that the middle is hard and the four corners are the weakest. In an emergency, if you hit the four corners of the glass with a car safety hammer, the glass will break immediately.

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How to use safety hammer


1. Pick up the safety hammer and hit the four corners of the tempered glass. Don't hit the middle part, which is the strongest.


2. Because some glass has a film, the glass will not fall off immediately after it is broken. You can kick it away with your foot.


3. After the glass falls off, jump out of the car body in a timely and orderly manner and move to a safe place. The key to use is to hit the four corners of the glass with the tip of the safety hammer.