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What is the role of "reflective vest"?


Reflective vest is used as a safety warning and protection equipment, which is made of mesh cloth and ordinary plain cloth. The key is that the reflective material on the vest is a reflective lattice or high-brightness reflective fabric. The micro-diamond-shaped crystal lattice is used to produce refraction and the principle of glass microbeads returning light.


The reflective vest made by the process can reflect the direct light from a distance back to the light-emitting place. Especially at night, the visibility is the same as during the day. It is easy to be spotted by people driving vehicles in the dark at night.

 Reflective vest

Reflective vests will play a safety and warning role at night or under special weather. It is widely used in daily traffic police to perform tasks, including airports, parking lots, ambulances, sanitation, shipbuilding, petroleum, and so on.


Reflective vest because of its particularity, even if it is worn during the day, it will become an obvious warning and symbol. According to the new standard of "Technical Conditions for Safety of Motor Vehicle Operation", all vehicles must be equipped with reflective vests, mainly for the safety of drivers when they park on the roadside, such as checking vehicles and replacing tires.