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How to use Safety Hammer?


Use of car safety hammer

1. Pick up the safety hammer and place the hammer on the four corners of the tempered glass. Don't hit the strongest middle part.

2. Because some glass has a thin film, the glass will not fall immediately after it is broken, you can kick it away with your foot.

3. After the glass is dropped, you need to jump out of the vehicle body and move to a safe place in time. The key is to tap the four corners with the tip of a safety hammer.

safety hammer

Precautions for the use of car safety hammer

1. In the absence of a safety hammer, you can try to hit the toughened glass with a sharp and strong object. The sharper the sharper the better. However, experiments have shown that it is not reliable to hit tempered glass with keys and heels (except metal heels).

2. Don't look around after getting off the bus. It is best to stay 20 meters away from the car to prevent explosions and other dangerous situations.