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Correct use of tow rope


Tow ropes are generally made from cloth belts, steel wires and nylon ropes. They have different lengths and are generally used for temporary trailers of faulty vehicles. Pay attention to the operating specifications when using the tow rope, otherwise it will cause inconvenience to the people around.

The method of using tow rope is as follows:

1. Find the position of the trailer hitch behind the towing vehicle and in front of the towed vehicle. The position of the trailer hitch of many cars is designed at the lower part of the bumper. Generally, the position is clearly marked in the vehicle user manual. The owner can also find hidden spaces by observing the front and rear bumpers. Here, a round or square cover is used. The location is where the car trailer hitch is located.

2. The trailer hook of some cars is split and needs to be assembled during use. After removing the cover on the bumper, assemble the hook that comes with the car.

Tow rope

3. Install the trailer tool. Whether you choose a soft or hard trailer tool, you must ensure that it is firmly and reliably connected to the car hook during installation. The towing hook is designed with a safety lock and needs to be locked in place. Check the front and rear connections again before driving the trailer. The soft tow rope without towing hooks at both ends should be bound with a slip knot when in use. If the knot is pulled and pulled by a huge traction force, the tow rope will be difficult to untie.

4. The tractor starts with 1 gear to ensure that the large torque provides sufficient traction. At the same time, the tractor needs to control the speed of the vehicle, maintain a stable driving, and increase the power output when it feels a little resistance. For manual transmission models, avoid lifting the clutch pedal sharply and start slowly with semi-linkage to avoid damage to the car.