3M Tow Rope

3M Tow Rope

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3M Tow Rope



Packing : 50pcs

Carton Size:48*32*30cm




1. Locate the trailer hook position behind the towed vehicle and in front of the towed vehicle. The trailer hook position of many cars is designed in the lower part of the bumper. Generally, the vehicle's manual is marked with a clear position. The owner can also find hidden space by observing the front and rear bumpers, which are covered by a round or square cover. The location is where the car trailer hooks are located.

2. Some car trailer hooks are split and need to be assembled during use. After removing the cover on the bumper, assemble the hooks that are carried with the vehicle.

3. Install the trailer tool. Whether it is a soft or hard trailer tool, it must be securely connected when connecting the car hooks. The safety hooks on the tow hooks need to be locked in place. Check the front and rear connections again before the trailer is driven. The soft tow ropes with no tow hooks at both ends should be tied to the knot when used. If the hook is pulled after a knot, the tow rope will be difficult to unravel.

4. The tractor uses the first gear to ensure that the large torque provides sufficient traction. At the same time, the tractor needs to control the speed of the vehicle to maintain a smooth running and increase the power output when feeling a little resistance. The manual transmission model avoids lifting the clutch pedal and starts slowly with semi-linkage to avoid damage to the car.

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